Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dance Spotlight

Twitch and Whitney from SYTYCD. This dance is one of my favorites. Not only is Twitch crazy killing it, but Whitney is beyond fierce. They most definitely went stupid, but in the best way.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Go For It

  Hey guys, first off I would like to apologize for not posting in like a year. I have been extremely busy and a lot of things have been going on in my life. In this post I'll be talking about auditioning and conventions. Recently, about three weeks ago, I attended the convention/competition called HOLLYWOOD CONNECTION. This by far is my favorite convention and it has some amazing teachers. When going to conventions I've learned a lot of things. One major thing that I think is extremely important is that you have to take risk. This I learned from Mr. Robert Schultz. At convention you always want to go full out and show what you have to offer. These opportunities are given for you to improve and learn so much more, so why hold back? Another tip is for auditioning. The whole convention is an audition, not just when you perform the audition combo in front of the judges. All weekend, when you're dancing and giving your full best, that's an audition. If you're giving 150%, you're sure to leave a mark in the teachers minds. Always smile and give your best, rather you know the combination or not. You know that your passion for dance is real, show that and you are bound for success

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Hello sweethearts. I know that I have not blogged in a while. My apologies for that, but I have been busy. Yesterday I attended my studio's sleepover and may I say that I've never had so much fun. We danced around and did some competition team building (that was who it was for, the teams). We got to turn off the lights and just let the spotlights shine and we had a good time. Within this experience I realized that it is always good to really get to know people outside of your personal image of them. A lot of us really had fun and just went crazy living it up! I would like to suggest for some of you who dance to get to know your team mates and have a dance party. Sure, you dance everday with them, or all of the time, but it's different when the lights are off and you blast the music. There are no rules, but to have fun.
                                                                      Don't think, just dance.
Bounce on trampolines, hula hoop, play just dance 2014, eat junk, and fruit, and pizza, dance until it's 2:30 in the morning, don't hold back during your improv or when going across the floor. Just live, werk, own it. Do what you love. Do what makes you feel good. Do what you do when the music is blasting. JUST DANCE!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dance Spotlight

Well hello my baby dolls. It's been a while, but I have been quite busy. Never the less this is not a normal post this is actually a dance spotlight. This next video is of one talented little dancer Miss. Ava Cota. The dance she performed was truly amazing and deserved the placement it got. My teacher choreographed it and she really out did herself, so here we go.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

School, dance, and keeping cool

  Hello angles, today I will be talking about somethings that we all need to discuss.  For most people school has started and for dancers like me, it also means a new dance season.  Usually the first week of school can be torture and hectic, but I'm here to help you the best I can. Now I know about crazy schedules, since mine seems to get crazier every season. With taking more classes, not only is it important to keep up with your training and technical ability,  but also your school work. Making sure you have enough study and homework time is always key. When I come home I don't have much time to get on my mobile device; its only enough for a quick snack and then time to get down to business.
  Some homework takes longer than others, but if your going to be at the studio for more than three hours, it's better to get some work done, versus nothing at all. Now studying can be a little bit harder. Personally I feel that when you study you should spread it out and not just cram it into one session.  If you can try and study a week or more before the exam, test, or quiz. Hopefully you won't be dancing EVERYDAY, so you will have time to study. Sure you won't have that much down time for normal things, but that's what some of us singed up for, right?  In between all the craziness, it's important to stop and breath because believe me when I say, it can get quite over whelming.
  Stay in touch with your goals; if you don't have any, I suggest you make some. You may be wondering what I mean. Well on every school day morning, while getting ready, I listen to Roar by Katy Perry. It makes me feel in charge of my day. Starting the day off right. I also go by lots of quotes. They're great to look back on, to keep you going when things get rough. In all, no matter if you're taking two classes a week or twelve (like me), you always need to stay on top of the ball. In dance, school, and just in life.
Well thats all for now my werkaholics.

Love always, One True Dancer

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dance Spotlight

Hey lovely's, forgive me for not posting in a while, but I've been sooo busy. This isn't a regular blog, but it is a dance spotlight video. No worries, though, I will post something soon. Check out one of my fav videos by this amazing choreographer, Brooklyn Jai.
Love always- One true dancer

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dance Spotlight

These little firecrackers are amazing performers and just so much fun to watch. I hope you enjoy this video under my Dance Spotlight